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How would you like to move forward with us on the way to make your dreams and goals come true?

We are waiting for your application to discover your talents and step into your future with us.


If you want to be a member of our team with the Game Circle Heroshine Internship Program, we will be happy to see you among us in our internship program!


- If you are willing to learn and want to contribute to the processes with high motivation,

- If you have a career goal in the gaming industry,

- If you want to be a part of a young, dynamic and fun team,


So let's start!


In which fields can you do internship?

- Game Development with Unity

- Game Design

- Game Art

- Digital marketing


Advantages of the Internship Program

- You will transform the technical and academic knowledge you have learned into industrial studies.

- You will work with teams of full-time employees on real projects.

- You will have the opportunity to meet experienced game developers in the game industry and Turkey's leading academics.

- You will have the opportunity to participate in training programs for your career and professional development.

- You will have the chance to get to know The Game Circle and its companies, as well as the game industry.


What Will You Learn?

In the field of Game Design ;

- You will master all the processes of a game from start to finish.

- You will have an idea about the execution of the game project from start to finish.

- You will learn to design game sections and interfaces.


In the field of Game Art ;

- You will master all production processes of a game from start to finish.

- Game world, character and story design suitable for the scenario, etc. You will have knowledge of the subject.

- You will develop yourself in design-oriented thinking.


In Unity Game Development ;

- You will gain the basics to become a game developer.

- You will have information about game development processes.

- You will gain experience in developing prototypes.

In the field of Digital Marketing ;

- You will master the basic concepts of digital marketing.

- You will develop yourself in creative thinking and design creation.

- You will be involved in producing and editing content for the gaming industry.

Internship dates will be adjusted according to your academic suitability.


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