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Circle Academy is a platform that provides training for people aiming to make a career in the gaming industry by leading academics and game developers in the field of digital gaming. No experience is required to participate in the trainings. Whether you are a beginner game developer, a student or someone who aspires to work in the game industry, these tutorials will give you valuable information about the different aspects and mechanics of the game world.

After applying for the trainings, the selected candidates are invited to the interview. Candidates who have successfully completed the interview are eligible to receive an education. 

Process Operation


Applications for the trainings are always open; Candidates can register for the trainings at any time. Interested candidates can apply with the application form on our website.


Candidates who pass the pre-selection for the training are invited to the technical interview. The technical interview consists of questions based on the job field and competency required by the job field.


Candidates who successfully pass the evaluation processes are accepted into the training process. During the training period, which lasts for 1-2 months, an intensive technical training is given to the candidates with experts in the field and reinforced assignments. Classes are online on weekends; Candidates who want to join our office hours on certain days and hours of the week.


Candidates complete the final project, which is the last stage of the training, by organizing a Game Jam at the end of the training.


Candidates who successfully complete their training and final project graduate with a certificate. In addition, various career opportunities are offered to our graduates within the scope of educational success rates.

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