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Stant Alanı.png

48 m² stand area


Full-page advertising space in the program brochures to be distributed at the entrance of the event

Web Sitesi.png

Main Sponsor logo sharing on the website home page

Tanıtım Filmi.png

2-minute promotional film screening in all halls, at the opening and between sessions

Yaka Kartı.png

Standing alone behind the badge

10dk Konuşma.png

Making a 10-minute speech at the opening of the session on the first day

Yazılı görsel medya.png

Visibility in the event area and in the written and visual media

Toplantı Odası.png

Private meeting room during the event

Promosyon ürünleri.png

Taking part in promotional products

Erişim hakkı.png

Unlimited access to the congress, workshops and all kinds of opportunities of the event for up to 25 representatives of their own companies.

500.000 TL


There will be only one Main Sponsor.

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