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Those Who Say My Future is in the Game
This Summer in Ankara!

“I'm in this game too!” We are waiting for everyone who aims a career in the Game Industry.

What is Summer Camp?

The summer camp is a training program in which the necessary technical information is given to the candidates who aim for a career in the game industry and this information is shown in practice.


Summer Camp Process

Submit your application

Choose from game development trainings

Complete Online and Applied Trainings

Develop your first game with mentors by applying what you have learned

Why Should You Attend Summer Camp?

Job or Internship Opportunity!

Grab a job or internship opportunity with your performance during the summer camp.

Apply What You Learned!

After online training, you will have the opportunity to practice your achievements with the games you will develop with experts and with your teammates.

Earn Certificate!

Strengthen your CV with the certificate you will earn at the end of the training.


Reference Opportunity!

Take the opportunity to add experts as references to your CV.

Summer Camp Dates


July 18 - July 30  (Online Education)

01 August - 13 August

 Summer Camp (Ankara)


01 Aug - 13 Aug  (Online Education)

August 15 - August 27

 Summer Camp (Ankara)


August 15 – August 27  (Online Education)

29 August - 10 September

 Summer Camp (Ankara)


Ankara SMK Tower The Game Circle Office

Online Education Content



Watch training video every day.


Face-to-Face Training Content

Face-to-face training, which will start after the completion of the online training, will basicallyfollow the steps of the game development process .In this way, the participants will apply what they learned during the online training according to the game development process, and they will be able to learn this discipline with a mentor. In addition to practicing, face-to-face training is an important process for participants to experience team building and teamwork, and perhaps find their future partners. 

The program flow of face-to-face training is as follows:


Trend Report Analysis

The game development process begins with analyzing trend reports. Participants will learn the details of the trend report and how it should be read.

Beyin fırtınası


Participants will experience the process of revealing the game idea to be developed as a team by making use of trend reports, brainstorming, observation and research.



Through the process of documenting the game idea in detail, the participants will learn to prepare and read the Game Design Document (GDD).


Game Art

Game artists will perform their designs with GDD. (2D, 3D, animation, outdoors etc.)


Game Development

Game developers understand the requirements with GDD, start the game development process by determining a roadmap. At this stage, he learns to work with the game designer to develop the game mechanics.  



Developed versions and the first prototype are tested, errors are detected and corrected.


Creative Crafting

After the game is released, there is a chance to deliver the game's  gameplay and present the highlights of the game to wider audiences thanks to the advertisement videos.
The intricacies of creating an ad video are taught at this stage.



CPI, retention test etc. concepts are learned.

The face-to-face phase of the Ankara Game Development Summer Camp will start at 10:00 in our office in Ankara SMK Tower on Monday, August 01, 2022. The training will be in the form of a workshop. Incoming participants will team up in our office and work on game production. Participants who cannot participate in the face-to-face part must be on the Discord channel online. These participants will be included in the teams online.

Summer Camp Participation Conditions

* Each participant has the right to enroll in at most one training per semester. 

* Participants will not be provided with any technical equipment support. Each participant must bring their own device.

* Those over the age of 18 can attend the summer camp.

* There is a quota upper limit for each semester. If the quota for the relevant semester is full, participants will be requested to register for the next semester. 

If the number of applications for each semester is less than 15, summer camp will not be opened for that semester. In this case, participants  will be requested to register for the next term. 

*  If the technical qualification of the applicant is not suitable for the summer camp as a result of the preliminary evaluation, the application will not be accepted.

Ankara Summer Camp Fee

3650 TL

* Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.

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